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Why Choose Us

At The Hebrew Academy we are dedicated to the development of the unique potential within each child in a nurturing atmosphere that encourages intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual growth.

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We Believe

...that we have a sacred responsibility to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people through Jewish education. The school’s motto, Building Character and Knowledge, reflects The Hebrew Academy’s vision of offering students a superior education within a value-based environment.  Fulfilling this vision is possible through the rich, dual curriculum of General Studies and Judaic Studies. within an environment of Jewish values such as kedusha (sacredness), derech eretz (ethical behavior), mitzvot (commandments), tzedakah (charitable acts), k’llal Yisrael (community of Israel), tikkun olam (betterment of the world), and t’fillah (prayer), we teach our children to cherish and live in accordance with the faith, knowledge, and traditions of our rich heritage based on the love of God, Torah, and Israel.  

Our school becomes an extension of your family. Within a safe environment, your child can express ideas and feelings. With our guidance, your child won’t get lost in the crowd. Our teachers get to know every one of their students well. Students feel comfortable discussing ideas and difficulties with staff.


Linda Glickstein

Director of Admissions and Marketing

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