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Visual Art

Success Oriented Environment


The program gives the children of  The Hebrew Academy the opportunity to learn about and apply various art techniques, materials, and media to projects that incorporate holidays, subject areas, and art for “art's sake!”. In addition to creating individual and group projects, the students learn about famous artists, their lives, techniques, and their impact on the world.

The goals of the program are to tap into the creative side of the brain and offer all students a well-rounded education. Additionally, the artwork allows all children to express themselves in a safe and positive way. This reinforces the school's mission in that its subject areas coincide with those of the school, and the program not only affords all the children the experience of art, but makes sure that all the children are able to achieve
success and obtain enjoyment.

The art projects that each child will participate in doing are age appropriate and the child’s developmental stage is taken into consideration. The projects and techniques used will aid in developing and improving the child intellectually and physically. For instance, tracing, cutting, and coloring are good for hand-eye coordination, and small motor skills.

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