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Judaic Studies

Judaism comes alive.


At The Hebrew Academy character and values education is not a separate unit or special program. We teach values and the traditions of our people through the study of Jewish text, history and rabbinic literature. In this way, students naturally internalize moral behavior and Jewish values.

Students become “Jewishly literate,” explore their religious beliefs and grow spiritually through participation in and study of prayers, holiday rituals and inquiry-based study of the Torah.

We seek to kindle in children a life-long desire to deepen their knowledge of our heritage while, at the same time, helping them to be comfortable in both Jewish and secular settings.

Morals and Values

Our aim is to help students develop a sense of moral and ethical behavior rooted in Jewish tradition and text. Children in all grades participate in service projects that reflect the principles of tzedakah, charity, and g’millut chesed, acts of loving-kindness, such as visiting nursing homes, collecting food and gifts for needy families and community beautification projects.


We recognize and cherish the diversity of Jewish religious beliefs, philosophy, attitudes and observances within the Schechter family. We nourish children’s Jewish self-expression and teach them to value the Jewishness of others.

Bilingual Education

The study of the Hebrew language, modern as well as biblical, offers our students the benefits of a second language as well as a window to one of the most ancient and learned cultures. Our introductory Hebrew language program, Mechina, enables those with minimal or no Hebrew background to study at their level of ability.

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