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All students in grades toddler through eight participate in physical education. Each class
meets two times a week. The program emphasizes the importance of physical activity
and encourages the development of lifetime fitness. Students begin every class with a
series of exercises that target certain muscle groups and prepares them for the class
activities. Students are asked to participate in a wide range of sports and activities to
acquire and develop basic athletic skills. Students are always taught the importance of
teamwork and good sportsmanship during all class activities. Safety is always a point of
emphasis in class.

The goals of the physical education program are to promote the physical well-being of all
the students. Students develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye
coordination, foot-eye coordination, problem solving, decision making, and critical
thinking by engaging in various exercises and sport activities. The goal is for the
students to have a positive attitude about the importance of being physically active.
The students are also expected to work cooperatively with classmates and to show
good sportsmanship and teamwork, which will carry over to other activities the
students participate in both in and outside of school.

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