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At the The Hebrew Academy of Greater Monmouth County, students from Toddler through Grade 8 have the opportunity to participate in a wonderful educational experience. The goal of the school is to develop each student’s intellectual, ethical and spiritual potential through individualized instruction and recognition of achievements.


In Grades 1-8, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Reading, and Math, are taught through texts, enrichment materials, learning centers, and hands-on activities. Field trips add fun and relevance to the curriculum. Co-curricular programs include Physical Education, Science Lab, Technology, Music, Library, and Art. The Hebrew Academy Middle School students benefit from additional courses such as Expository Writing, Spanish, and Electives. The use of educational technology enriches the curriculum.

In Judaic Studies, the subjects taught include Bible, Hebrew language, Prayer, Customs and Traditions, Ethics, Talmud, Prophets, and Israel. The language of instruction is Hebrew. Holiday celebrations and a variety of programs provide students with opportunities to enact what they have learned.

The curriculum’s emphasis on the acquisition of scholarship with values reflects the high standards of the The Hebrew Academy.


Yoti Golan

Head of School

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