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Hineni…I am here

So here I am, אז הנה אני, hineni! Welcome to my blog!

I must admit, before I put finger to keyboard, I googled “How to write a blog?” Where does one exactly begin? What would you, the readers, want to take time out of your busy schedules to find worthy to read on the train, in the carpool line, or in those precious few moments of alone time? I am not quite sure where this new blogging experience will take us, however, I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you!

So, Hineni…I am here.

In the Torah, each time the word Hineni is used, it signifies a turning point. Perhaps the most significant example is when Isaac calls out, “Father?” and Abraham responds again with these famous words. “ Hineni b’ni - I am here, my son,” says Abraham. This Hineni is an example of the bond between a parent and a child. As parents, we constantly assure our children that we are on their team. “We are together, Isaac, facing the trials that G-d has given us, but not facing them alone. I can’t always make everything right.  I am not always the one in control. Only G-d has all the answers, or at least let’s hope so.”

As we are in the midst of the Jewish season of reflection, let us remind you that we, the staff, faculty, and administration at The Hebrew Academy are all on the same team. We cheer for your children, our students, and guide them through obstacles along the way.

Hineni - I am here. At this turning point in the Jewish calendar, the beginning of 5780, let us resolve to connect with each other, support one another, and strengthen our community.

Yoti Golan

Head of School

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