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Summer 2023 

Tammuz/Av 5783


Dear Hebrew Academy Families, 


I am very pleased to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year!  


At both school and home, we teach our children that Judaism values acts of generosity, good deeds and loving-kindness. One such way to encourage such acts amongst students and members of the entire school community is through the Board of Trustees created Chesed (or good deeds) program. This program asks that each family donate community service hours to our school. Along with your child’s contribution through community service projects, YOU as parents will be able to demonstrate to your children and all of our families the important Jewish values of generosity, good deeds and loving-kindness by finally being able to perform them, in person, at school once again.  


Below please find a summary of the Chesed Program:  


Chesed Hours FAQ:  


  • What is each family’s Chesed Commitment? 

Each family is asked to complete a minimum of five (5) hours of community service to our school per year through school sponsored events.  


  • When must these hours be completed? 

Chesed Hours must be completed by June 10, 2024


  • How can I volunteer? 

There are numerous opportunities to donate your time throughout the school year. Many parents meet the requirements through their valuable volunteering at PTO and Board sponsored events. Please refer to all school communications for opportunities. 


  • Where can I find out about volunteering at these events? 

All events are listed on the school calendars, our secure website, in the weekly email blast, social media, text messaging, and the Friday MaNishma? In addition, the Board of Trustees and P.T.O. are available to help you find ways to fulfill your commitment. Contact the chairperson of the event either through e-mail or the school office. 


  • Are there any events that are not eligible for Chesed Hours? 

Yes, serving as a class trip chaperone due to limited volunteers required. 


  • How do I keep track of my Chesed Hours? 

Each family is responsible for reporting its own hours to the school office within 24 hours after the event. Hours must be submitted via the online submission form which is located under the Current Families/Chesed dropdown. Once a family has satisfied its obligation, additional hours need not be reported, although we encourage everyone to volunteer beyond the minimum 5 hours. This is what the form looks like: 


Name: ___________________ 

Event: ___________________ 

Date of Event: _____________ 

Hours Volunteered: ________ 


  • Will there be someone who will remind me of my completed Chesed hours?  

The school will send you a spring report of your Chesed hours. 


  • Who should I call if I have questions about the Chesed Program and/or policy? 


Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about this program or need help in fulfilling your requirements. 


  • What if I am unable to complete the minimum of five (5) hours? 

A family that fails to complete the required number of hours is obligated to pay for uncompleted hours at the rate of $54/hour or $270 for the year which sum is due on the last day of school. Failure to pay for outstanding hours for the year may result in the child’s report card and/or graduation documents being held. It is preferable, however, that you donate your time. 


We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year filled with many service and community building events.  


Shari Steinfeld 

President, Board of Trustees  

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