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Opening Doors at The Hebrew Academy

A very simple act of common courtesy.

Yet I am in awe every time I witness it at The Hebrew Academy.

A student at a door holding a door open for a classmate or faculty member. Sometimes more than a few moments pass before this common act of kindness unfolds. Each time I observe such a deed I feel blessed to have such wonderful students at THA.

Our students hold the door open for others out of kindness, common decency, and respect for others. Simply stated they are just mensch's.

When a door opens at THA, it is not just for passing through. At THA, doors also open to the worlds of secular and Judaic studies. In addition, our students' minds are open to all the possibilities in life.

At THA we create opportunities for our students to explore their Jewish values, traditions, and rich history. We also teach them about the worlds of science, math, technology, reading, geography, and so much more.

Character education at THA is a learning process where students understand, care about, and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, and responsibility for self and others.

One of the mottos I live by is, “Life is the mirror of your actions. You want more love, give more love, you want more kindness, give more kindness, you want more understanding and respect, be more understanding and be respectful. What goes around comes around, you get back what you give.”

When you hold open the door for another you never know the exciting things awaiting on the other side. We live in a world of promises. At THA we give students the tools to explore them.

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